Vasudev Krishna, Brief Introduction

Chandarlal | July 2, 2023, 12:21 p.m.

Devkinandan, Vasudeva, Nandlal, Gopinath, Madhava, Gopala, Murlimanohar, Keshawa, Rishikesha, Giridhari is The Lord Vasudev Krishna, who is known by approximately 108 different names.

18th July, 3228 B.C about 5250 years ago, in the capital city Mathura of the Kingdom of Surasena in North India, came in to the House of Devki (Mother of the Lord Krishna) and Vaudeva (The father of Lord Krishan) of Yadav Dynasty.

The parents of the Lord Krishna were the prisoners of the king of Surasena in Mathura, whose name was Kemsa, the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, the brother of Devki and the brother in law of Vasudeva. One of the royal astrologist of the Mathura’s court prophesized to the King Kesma that the 8th Son of Devki & Vasudeva will be his murderer. Death is dark and frightening for the unrighteous people so the King Kesma hold His sister and her husband Vasudeva prisoner as he can slaughter all the children of Devki and can stay alive.

The way God is mystery so are the plans of God. "Bhagvad Purana" narrates the birth of Devkinandan (The Lord Krishna). By that time, Kesma had murdered the six children of Vasudeva and Devki; he was waiting for the eighth one to kill and be free from the fear of death. Devki and Vasudeva were waiting for the miracle from Bhagwan Vishnu in order to save their children, and the seventh birth was the reply to Vishnu’s miracle, and the fetus was transferred to Rohini’s (another wife of Vasudeva's) womb. Devki was unknown of the situation and mourning the death of an unborn child.

Lord Brahma’s prayers and the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Devkinandan, The Lord Krishna aka RadhayKrishna, the eighth child in the womb of Devki and the heir of Vasudev of Yadav Dynasty, is on his way to the world to take away injustice of Kuru dynasty, the helping hand of the Pandavs, who made the world musical with His flute, who takes the pain of the poor’s by killing his maternal uncle Kasma, who is the heart and soul of Radha, who is the caretaker of women respect and honor, who is the friend of Draupadi, who has the understandings of the feelings of the Karna, who gathered Aryas under one dharma, who made the Kurukshetra the battle of dharma, whose teaching are the food of blessings for the human race in eternity, who gave women a right to speak in her action and association,  who is something to everyone and everything to all.

The Sickle-shaped Moon of 18th July, 3228 BC, appeared with news of love, peace, and prosperity on the land of India while Devki and Vasudev were in the prison of Kesma in labor pain with the eighth child. On the other hand, Yashodha in Gokel was also in labor pains with her child. Lord Vishnu appeared to Vasudev and told him to exchange the child with the child of Yashudha. Lord Vishnu arranged everything mysteriously. Scripture quotes that all the court guards, including Kesma, fall asleep, and Vasudev exchanges their child with Yahudha’s girl child in Gokel, who was also in deep sleep. After all these happenings, when things came to normal, Kesma ran to the prison to kill the child, and there he found the girl and murdered her, but that girl was Lord Vishnu’s warning for Kesma. The event of the birth of Lord Krishna is known as Krishna Janamasthami, which is celebrated all over the universe where love and peace resides.

Now the world has his Lord, and the universe, including old and new Gods, animals and humans, rivers and mountains, are celebrating the arrival of Lord Krishna, Aka RadhayKrishna.

Science may have many objections to the arrival of Lord Krishna and the events that happened during this entire process. The way science doesn’t give a fuck to the theories is the same way religion doesn’t give a fuck to what science thinks.

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